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“Inspiring the next generation to excellence.”

L’adore helps young kids accomplish their dreams and desires by learning how to set up goals for life.  It is important to make goals and then implement a plan to help you realize those goals. It has been said “if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.” We at L’adore want to help today’s up and coming generations dream big and work hard to accomplish all they put their minds to in this life. We also desire to help young adults to chase their dreams and find the necessary inspiration they need  for a brighter future. We recruit and send native English speakers to teach in schools in foreign countries all around the world.  We also provide inspirational, interactive learning tours for kids and young adults as well as a unique Pre-K program that educates and inspires young children through a variety of activities and programs.

private-school-picL’adore recruits native English speaking teachers for employers around the world.

We love to promote global learning and education that will transform the lives of young people in our generation. If you are a school or university in a foreign country looking for English teachers we can help. Contact us by filling out our online English teacher search application form to get started today.

teachers-picL’adore offers young English speaking teachers a unique opportunity to teach in foreign cities around the globe through our L’adore Launch Program.

This opportunity will give you rich cultural experiences, an exciting lifestyle and a chance to make a real difference in the lives of young people in foreign countries. If you are interested in teaching around the world you can begin by filling out our online initial application form.

tours-picL’adore Tours provide an unforgettable inspirational and interactive learning experience for your child.  

We offer a variety of tours for children and young people of all ages. The Inspirational Journey Tour is especially designed for young children 10-12 years old. It is a spectacular journey that takes your child to some of the finest attractions of California. We also offer tours for teens and young adults. Stay tuned for details.

pre-k-picThe L’adore Pre-K Program inspires your child to greatness through a variety of fun and stimulating activities.  

L’adore Pre-K will take your child to a whole new level of learning and fun. We make the learning experience fun and exciting.



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