Inspirational Journey

The L’adore Inspirational Journey Tour is a 14 day educational action packed tour that will challenge the mind and engage the body. We offer you the full American experience as we embark upon a journey through some of California’s most prestigious universities and tourist attractions Every day will include active engagement, interactive learning and hands-on group participation. Our tours will make the learning experience both exciting and memorable for your child. Even meals will be an educational experience as each day includes delicious foods from different cultures around the world. Below you will find a brief description of each of the five tours in one that make up the L’adore Inspirational Journey Tour. Upon completion of the journey each participant will receive a certificate of completion from L’adore Tours.

The tour fee includes: 

  • Dedicated tour operators to enhance the learning experience.
  • Responsible individuals to keep watch over the children during activities.
  • Airfare from your location to Los Angeles and returning from San Francisco.
  • Additional airfare if listed as part of the group itinerary.
  • Shuttle service between attractions.
  • Admission to various attractions (See detailed list for the individual tour purchased)
  • Lodging provided by Marriott Hotels every night.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks can be purchased separately.
  • Certified teachers to deliver knowledge and excitement to the children through structured seminars.
  • Event clothing
  • Studies awarded L’adore Inspirational Academy Certificate.

The L’adore Inspirational Journey is 5 Tours in 1!


Qualified experts will walk us through the halls of three great California universities, Stanford University, UC Berkley and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). This higher learning tour will stimulate both the heart and the mind as we embark upon a three days of higher learning and inspiration.


Students will have the chance to practice and improve their English skills while learning modern American culture as they get a behind the scenes look at how Hollywood and Universal Studios make their movies. This tour is an action packed fun learning experience for all.


We will explore the creative regions of the mind as we delve into the land of make-believe and fairytales. We will have inspirational teach your child the art of story telling as we study and learn about some famous English stories. We will discuss some of Disney’s magical stories as well as many others. This tour will be sure to expand the imagination.


This three day expedition will have experts in marine biology that will take us on a journey under the sea on day one, a trip to the San Diego Zoo on day two and the last day will be a wild animal safari where we have the opportunity to see some animals up close. This will definitely be an amazing learning experience that you won’t want to miss.


Lake Tahoe is a pristine jewel of nature. Surrounded on all sides by the Sierra Nevada mountain range, On this tour we will explore the beauty of outdoors as we learn the recreational sport of downhill skiing and snowboarding.



  • A completed registration form (under 18 years of age, children subject to fill the parental consent).
  • Completed bank transfer payment receipt and registration form sent to the to complete the registration.
  • the day after your registration formalities is completed a dedicated service staff to contact you to make final arrangements.

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